Empowering Girls of Color Through Authentic Science Internships
Empowering Girls of Color Through Authentic Science Internships

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Create DateNovember 13, 2017

Abstract: The underrepresentation of girls and students of color in STEM fields, particularly in science, is an ongoing issue that is very well documented. There is a limited amount of research that provides insight on experiences of girls, especially girls of color, who have been exposed to authentic science experiences. This article interrogates the effects of experiential learning on students’ science identity and interest in pursuing a career in STEM, specifically for girls of color. This study provides insight into girls of color experience of authentic science internships where they followed a traditional working scientist schedule, the use of, or referencing of specific science knowledge, and use of traditional science lab equipment. Through this study researchers found that after participating in the authentic science internship, students became more confident to pursue careers in STEM-related fields and envisioned the field of science and STEM-related fields as approachable and accessible.

Posted on Nov 13,2017
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