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With the increasing need to create schools that not only provides students with the most effective and culturally relevant pedagogy, but that provides school leaders with tools to ensure that this happens while they operate successful schools. #HipHopEd leadership brings together experts in pedagogy and institutional leadership to work with school leaders in the operation of successful school districts/schools. The school leader will have an expert PhD in education and MBA with expertise in designing and overhauling institutions as part of a leadership team working together to inform the effective operation of the school. Using process improvement practices successfully used in fields outside of education, and engaging in practices that range from Small Safe Reversible Experiments (SSRE), quantitative and qualitative research, and needs analyses. The #HipHopEd leadership team identifies what teaching practices work best for their school given an analysis of where the school is, the school’s needs, then constructs a personalized formula for successful leadership within that school space.

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